2017 Fishing Forecast for Southeast Mississippi

JacksonMississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) fisheries biologists are anticipating a productive 2017 fishing season in the southeast part of the State. Crappie fishing should be excellent in the Pascagoula River system this spring.  According to our fall surveys, Graham Lake in Jackson County and Upper and Lower Rhines Lakes in George County should be primed for producing large and numerous crappie.

 Population sampling during fall 2016 revealed higher numbers of largemouth bass and sunfish in most of the southeast region state lakes.  In addition, biologists saw higher numbers of larger fish this year.  “Consecutive mild winters have provided extended growing seasons for southeast Mississippi fish populations which should be beneficial to our anglers this year,” said Stephen Brown, MDWFP Fisheries Biologist.  Lake Bill Waller will continue to provide an opportunity for anglers to catch a trophy-sized bass.  Largemouth bass in the six to eight pound range are also available in Lake Bogue Homa.  Lake Columbia will provide anglers the opportunity to catch higher numbers of quality sized bass.  A lake to keep in mind for top-tier bream fishing in late spring and early summer is Lake Perry.  Bluegill stocked in the last couple of years at Lake Perry to supplement natural reproduction will bolster an already excellent bream fishery.

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