Future Projects

The following projects are future projects that need funding:

Law Enforcement Bureau

  1. Body camera system
    Description: Provide body cameras to law enforcement officers for safety and documentation of incidents.
    Cost: $70,000 (200 Body camera systems @ $350.00 each)
  1. Large event tent
    Description: Tent would be used at special events such as Officer Memorial, Officer family day, shooting range events.
    Cost:  $5,100
  1. Igloo Ultra Marine Cooler
    Description: Ice chest coolers provided to Law Enforcement officers for boating details.
    Cost:  $7,500 (25 coolers @ $300 each)
  1. Game Theft Trailer
    Description: The Game Theft trailer will be a cargo style trailer that will be transformed into a mobile museum for Law Enforcement and used for educational purposes.  Trailer will house historical information that pertains to MDWFP Law Enforcement cases.  Such information will include deer mounts, weapons, and information on cases.
    Cost:  $100,000
  1. Utility Terrain Vehicle
    Description:  Side by side UTV’s for use by conservation officers.  A total of nine UTV’s (three per region) are needed.
    Cost:  $12,000 each
  1. Back up Weapons for all Officers
    Description:  Each Conservation Officer needs a backup weapon.  To keep the Conservation Officers safe, provide each officer a backup gun of the same type.
    Cost:  $61,250 (Glock Model 42 175 guns @ $350 each)
  1. EOTech sights for Conservation Officers’ AR-15
    Description:  EOTech sights are the best rifle sights used by law enforcement and military.  These sights provide quicker target acquisition and additional safety for the officers.
    Cost: $88,000 (200 EOTech @ $440 each)
  1. Cooking trailer
    Description:  The Law Enforcement division has a cooking team that provides meals for special events as well as emergency situations such as weather related events.  This will be a fully equipped self-contained cooking trailer.
    Cost: $80,000
  1. Deer decoys
    Description:  Remote controlled deer decoys to be used by law enforcement to catch illegal hunting.  Nine decoys are needed and this will provide three decoys per region.
    Cost $3,000 each.

Conservation Bureau

  1. Conservation Funding Campaign
    Description:  A campaign to achieve dedicated, stable, and sustainable funding for conservation in Mississippi.  Campaign needs will require marketing, outreach, and strategic representation.
    Cost: $250,000
  1. Enclosed Skeet Trailers
    Description:  Currently, MDWFP has one skeet trailer that is very used and worn.  Needed is a smaller designed trailer that will house the throwing systems.  These systems will be easier to operate, maintain and allow one person to handle and are used in the Hunter Education classes.  Three trailers are needed and this will provide one for each region.
    Cost:  $35,000 each
  1. Three Enclosed Utility Trailers
    Description:  The Hunter Education staff has no way to haul large loads of equipment or supplies. They currently drive pickup trucks with bed covers or no cover.  We need one utility trailer per region (3) to transport large loads of supplies and/or training equipment.
    Cost:  $5,000 each
  1. Video equipment
    Description:  The marketing department produces numerous in house training videos, Mississippi Outdoor TV, etc.  Need to upgrade/purchase equipment to produce high quality videos for marketing.  This includes, lights, reflectors, microphones, etc.
    Cost $5,000
  1. Drones
    Description:  Purchase two drones to be used for videos and marketing.
    Cost $2,000 each

Wildlife Bureau

  1. Creation of video series
    Description:  Create short YouTube style videos for information regarding hunting, fishing, habitat modifications, agency promotion, regulation changes, etc.
    Cost: $50,000
  1. Bear Traps
    Description:  Purchase traps to be used for Black Bear research and to trap and relocate nuisance bears.
    Cost:  $15,000
  1. White tailed deer movement study
    Description:  Tracking movement of deer as it relates to hunting, forage, habitat, etc.  Includes GPS collar and date service.
    Cost:  $5,000 per deer

Fisheries Bureau

  1. Freshwater Fishes Common to Mississippi Poster
    Description:  Posters showing the freshwater fish that are common to Mississippi.  These have not been printed in several years.
    Cost:  $8,000 (10,000 posters at $.80 each)
  1. Throwable rescue devices for Visitor Education Center (VEC) rodeo ponds
    Description:  Rescue devices to be kept and used at the ponds.
    Cost:  $4,000 (10 devices @ $400 each)
  1. New VEC panel
    Description:  Inside VEC is a panel that is used to put the exhibits description on.  Panels are aged and need to be replaced.
    Cost:  $4,500
  1. Youth fishing rodeos
    Description:  Equipment to be used for youth fishing education activities across the state.  This will include 100 fishing poles, tackle, bobbers, sinkers, hooks, cleaning equipment, etc.
    Cost: $5,000 per year
  1. State Fishing Lake Facilities
    Description:  Facilities at the State Fishing lakes need to be renovated or rebuilt.  These include bathrooms, equipment shed, bath houses, etc.
    Cost: $75,000 – $175,000 (depends on facility)
  1. State Fishing Lake Annual Permits
    Description:  People who buy an annual fishing lake permit spend over $100 per permit.  As a way to say thank you and to generate additional lake permit sales, have a random drawing for 10 $100 gift cards.
    Cost:  $1,000

State Parks

  1. Cabin R&R
    Description:  Renovation of cabins at the State parks throughout the State.  Includes new bedding, electronics, lights, flooring, fixtures, furniture, etc.
    Cost:  $15,000 per cabin
  1. Campsite upgrades
    Description:  Replace picnic tables and grills at campsites statewide.
    Cost: $20,000