Current Projects

The following projects are on-going projects that need continued funding:

AIMS – Archery in Mississippi Schools is providing competitive archery for over 60,000 students in 450 schools.  There are a large number of schools that still want to offer archery to their students.  To open an archery program costs $3,000.  The Foundation offers a $1,500 grant to a school to cover half the cost.  The school is responsible for a $1,500 match.  Training for the school and coaches is offered free of charge by MDWFP.  Cost:  $1,500 per school

MDWFP Employee Emergency fund – This fund is maintained to provide emergency assistance to MDWFP staff due to a physical, medical, etc., emergency.

MDWFP Recognition fund – This fund is maintained to provide recognition to MDWFP staff for doing exceptional work.

Scholarship fund – The Foundation provides four $3,000 college scholarships to students who are in a field that will support the mission of MDWFP.  These can include forestry, wildlife biologist, law enforcement, etc.

Super Hunt – A deer hunt for youth with disabilities – Each year the Foundation provides a deer hunt to youth with disabilities on the weekend prior to youth gun season.  80 – 100 kids participate each year.  Each youth is provided a goody bag filled with hunting supplies with a value of $100.  To expand the participation, we need to purchase various styles of disabled trigger pulling devices with cost from $1,000 to $3,000 each.

Youth license purchase – Every young person who has completed the Hunter Education course and is age eligible for the voluntary youth hunting/fishing license, the Foundation will purchase their $5.00 license. For every license the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks sells, they receive over $62.00 per license in federal funds from the Pittman Robertson Act. This is a 12 to 1 return on investment. By purchasing the youth licenses, the Foundation is helping these young people start the habit of buying a hunting & fishing license as well as providing funds to MDWFP through the Pittman Robertson Act. We need to purchase 5,000 licenses per year.

Wounded Warrior hunts – deer and turkey hunts are provided for 4 – 5 wounded warriors each year.  These warriors are Mississippians and are selected through Wounded Warriors of Mississippi.  Cost:  $3,000 per year (includes both hunts for all participants)

Land purchases – funds are used to purchase land that becomes available for conservation, public hunting, etc.

Mississippi Outdoors Radio – This the statewide outdoor radio show put on each week by MDWFP.  Cost:  $28,000

Spring Gobbler Hunting Survey (SGHS) – is one of the primary sources of data on the status of the state’s turkey population, and relies on the eyes and ears of volunteer turkey hunters who record information each spring about their hunting experiences around Mississippi.  In an effort to increase participation in the SGHS, the MDWFP has partnered with the Foundation for Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks to sponsor a shotgun raffle for survey participants.  Through its partnership with the Foundation, the MDWFP has been able to grow participation in the SGHS from a few hundred participants to well over 1,000 cooperators during recent years.  Cost: $750

Specific fund categories – Requests from MDWFP are being presented to the Foundation every month.  To maintain the flexibility to fund these requests, we maintain funds specifically related to the following categories.  You can direct your donation to any of these categories that is an interest to you.

  • Wildlife –
    • Water fowl
    • Deer
    • Alligator
    • Turkey
    • Black bear
  • Law Enforcement
    Mississippi Museum of Natural Science